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Begin Your Healing Journey for Trauma: Steps and Support

Accidents, heartbreaks, violence, physical abuse, mental abuse, loss of a loved one, and natural disasters can cause someone a lifelong trauma. Keeping that trauma with yourself is the biggest mistake that must be resolved as early as possible.

If you have experienced such a life-threatening encounter that has caused you severe emotional damage, and now you are wondering how to come out of it, here we will help you how to start a healing journey from trauma. 

In this blog, we will share what is a self-healing journey and what are the basic healing journey steps.

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First 5 Steps towards Your Healing Journey

Recovering and putting yourself on the healing journey after extreme trauma can be daunting. Sadly, many people get emotionally damaged and take a long time to return to life, while others simply give up. 

Here are five early steps of a healing journey:

1: Accept that the damage has been done. 

The first thing is acceptance of the events that have caused you severe trauma.

Accepting that the damage has already happened and that the next is to move forward is a very brave thing.

Furthermore, it enables you to seek emotional support and investigate how the spiritual healing journey works.

You can easily move to the next step once you have accepted that a void needs to be filled.

With denial, it becomes difficult to move forward. Moreover, remember that it can take months of or years for acceptance. One must take the full time to accept things. 

2: Seek support.

The second step towards a self-healing journey is to seek professional help. We understand this is the toughest time, and everyone feels like being left alone, but you need to understand that is not how things work.  

In such a situation, reach out to friends and share your feelings. Don't take shame from sharing your emotions, especially when you are going through a trauma.

In addition, seek professional help from the psychotherapist and open up about your struggle and pain because that is how you will heal. 

Moreover, don't give up on life. Take support for normal life activities. Perform these simple practices:

  • Develop a routine to perform the activities that help you feel better. 
  • Work on your relationships and develop harmony with your family or those you live with.
  • Engage in communications so that you speak about your feelings more. 
  • Don't repeat the things that cause you hurt. 
  • Engage yourself in something creative and productive.
  • Eat healthy meals and exercise daily.

3: Practice self-care.

One thing is sure: no one can help you recover other than yourself. If you are unaware of what a healing journey is, get help from a psychologist and expert advice on returning to normal life.

Start by taking care of yourself by wearing fresh clothes, eating your favorite meals, and practicing trauma meditation daily. 

Additionally, practice affirmations daily by standing in front of the mirror. Find the best supportive words you think will help better and make them your mantra. Don't give up on yourself, and give some extra care to yourself. 

4: Set new goals.

Life goes on no matter what you are going through. You must learn how to bounce back stronger and healthier.

With the help of your mental health professional, set small and achievable goals.

Further, attach rewards to the little milestones and try to feel good about your recovery.  

Remind yourself of what you must do at any cost, from eating meals to daily meditation.

Avoid the events or situations that make you feel worse in any sense. Moreover, look for the warning signs and look for their solutions. 

5: Learn coping skills.

Even when you have started your trauma-healing journey, you will still feel emotionally weak and may be in a dark zone.

This is quite normal, and it doesn't go away easily. It's vital to learn coping skills to strengthen you to handle such moments. 

Start journaling, a meditation routine, and socializing with friends to see life's positive and brighter side.

Moreover, indulge in the habit of book reading and listen to some soul-lifting e-books, which will help you with the healing process and bring some happy moments. 

Sum up:

Trauma can happen to anyone regardless of age, gender, or ethnicity. Finding the way out is the best and bravest thing.

It can be possible when surrounded by positive-minded people who support your self-healing journey. With the right decision and professional help, it can be easier to return to life. 

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How do I start a self-healing journey?

To start a healing journey, one must reach out to a mental health professional and easily share and struggle. Then, follow the advice and practice early recovery steps.

What is the first step in the healing journey?

Acceptance that the trauma has happened and the damage is done. This is the first step in the healing journey.

What is the healing journey process?

The healing journey process brings someone out of their darker zone, such as depression, trauma, or stress. It is only possible with the right strategies.

How can I heal alone?

Healing alone is very tough as getting out of the vicious loop of negative thoughts becomes difficult. A better recommendation is to get help from a psychotherapist.

How do I heal myself naturally?

To heal yourself naturally, seek help from the professionals. Communicate and share your struggles with some close friends. Socialize and indulge yourself in soul-lifting activities.


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