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10 Tips for Removing and Preventing Coffee Stains on Teeth

Coffee is the lifeblood of individuals who habitually take it as their first morning drink. It's the boost they need to go through the day and is the habit they can't eliminate. Do you know how to remove permanent coffee stains on your teeth? 

In the previous blogs at Myco Health Company, we have shared valuable information about different healthy types of coffee, including our very own mushroom coffee and others.

In this blog, we have gathered crucial information about how to keep your teeth safe from coffee stains. Continue reading to learn how to remove stains from your teeth.

Why Does Coffee Stain Teeth?

Luckily, coffee stains are not permanent on your teeth; they can be easily removed with a little effort.

Mostly, people get nervous about coffee stains as coffee stains might compromise your bright smile. Now, you may wonder how coffee causes teeth discolouration.

Tannins in the coffee are the component that causes the discoloration. The organic compounds, including polyphenols, are the significant contributors to the coffee's rich flavour and deep hue.

Why Does Coffee Stain Teeth - mycohealthco

Moreover, these are the same compounds that stick to the tooth enamel and cause staining. 

If you have been drinking coffee daily, your teeth may have lost their shine and whiteness with time. But don't worry about it.

The coffee stains are temporary and can be easily washed away with a whitening toothpaste or a professional whitening treatment from your orthodontist. 

Does Coffee Affect Oral Health?

Another thing that comes to mind with excessive coffee use is whether it affects oral health. The answer is yes. Does tea stain your teeth, too? Yes! Too much of a good thing is a bad thing.

Coffee or tea, when used in excess, always harms your overall oral health by staining the teeth, causing sensitivity and tooth decay. 

Does Coffee Affect Oral Health - mycohealthco

Enamel, the most protective upper layer of the teeth, gets easily damaged when exposed to acidic drinks, coffee, and tea. Moreover, sugar also causes actual damage to the teeth.

It not only develops cavities but also causes gum diseases. So, you must be mindful of the coffee and other high-sugar content to keep your teeth healthy. 

10 Tips to Prevent Coffee Stains on Teeth

Tea and coffee are strong drinks, and it's safe to say that both are addictive. If you are also habitual of taking these drinks, there are chances that your teeth are stained.

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Now, if you are struggling with how to remove tea or coffee stains from your teeth naturally, here are a few tips about how to prevent coffee stains on your teeth:

1: Maintain Good Oral Hygiene:

First, maintaining good oral hygiene is mandatory to maintain a healthy relationship with your teeth.

Regular brushing and rinsing your mouth with good mouthwash must be your ritual after every meal. Furthermore, keep a floss with you every time to keep your teeth residue-free. 

2: Brush after consuming coffee:

It might seem a simple tip, but it is a life-changing tip. Clean your teeth with a brush or rinse them well with plain water. This can help prevent the coffee pigments from adhering to your teeth.

3: Use a tooth whitening toothpaste:

Using tooth-whitening toothpaste is another tip that you must follow. Some toothpaste brands are specially formulated to help remove surface stains from teeth.

Look for an American Dental Association (ADA) seal of approval before choosing any toothpaste.

4: Baking Soda:

Do you know how to remove coffee or tea stains from your teeth quickly? Using some good old home tricks can also be a lifesaver. Baking soda can help scrub away surface stains at home.

Make a paste by mixing a small amount with your regular toothpaste or baking soda with water and gently brushing your teeth. You will see a visible difference within a few tries.

5: Oil Pulling:

Oil pulling is another go-to technique to remove coffee stains from teeth. It includes swishing a tablespoon of coconut or another oil in your mouth for 15-20 minutes daily.

This can help remove stains and improve oral hygiene, but scientific evidence is limited.

6: Dental Cleanings: 

Regular dental cleanings by a dental hygienist can help remove built-up stains that can't be removed through regular brushing alone.

Scaling and polishing are two of the best dental cleaning techniques that are helpful in short-term teeth whitening for some events. 

7: Rinse Your Mouth: 

After consuming coffee, tea, or any other drink, don’t forget to rinse your mouth with water to wash away the staining compounds.

Sipping water while you drink coffee can help dilute the staining compounds and reduce their impact on your teeth.

8: Limit Coffee Consumption:

Lastly, reducing coffee consumption is the most effective way to prevent coffee stains on teeth. Drinking through a straw can also help minimize direct contact between coffee and your teeth.

9: Maintain a Balanced Diet:

A diet enriched with fruits and vegetables can help promote healthy teeth and gums and prevent staining. So, for good overall oral hygiene, maintain a well-balanced diet.

10: Professional Teeth Whitening:

You should consider professional teeth whitening treatments if the stains are more stubborn.

Dental professionals perform these treatments, which can be more effective than over-the-counter solutions.

11: Consider Whitening Products:

Various over-the-counter or professional teeth whitening products can help remove or reduce stains if your teeth become stained.

Final Verdict:

Remember that while these tips might help minimize staining, they might not wholly prevent it. If you think my teeth will get whiter if I stop drinking coffee, then yes, it is possible.

If you want to maintain a bright white smile, it's a good idea to moderate your coffee consumption and keep good oral hygiene practices.


How do you stop coffee from staining your teeth?

Following regular cleaning and teeth whitening tips, you can easily keep your teeth healthy and bright.

Will coffee stains go away on teeth?

Yes, coffee stains are not permanent, so they can go away quickly with extra care, such as brushing the teeth regularly and whitening toothpaste.

Does coffee make teeth yellow permanently?

No, coffee or tea doesn't cause yellowing of teeth permanently.

How long does it take coffee to stain teeth?

Excessive and regular intake of coffee for months causes the long-term effect of teeth staining.

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